Fall has officially come and gone here. November is more of a rainy, cold, wintry month. Looking ahead we’ve got temps in the teens and 20’s for the lows, and 30’s to 40’s for highs. You could definitely feel the difference today. I looked outside several times and saw flurries, very faint ones. They had our first snow in the forecast for next week, but now when I look they’ve taken it out. It surely looked like it could snow today.

The big kids spent the morning and part of the afternoon up north. The volleyball girls have been playing in the 1A state tournament. Today they played in the championship game and placed second. Another mom and I (the in-town grilled cheese mom) had considered going up for the game, but we both ended up deciding to stay home and do mom things. I watched the game from my phone and was glad to have seen it.

Before that I spent the morning getting caught up on laundry. Half of it was washed, it just needed to be folded. If I am folding laundry, I have a certain way it needs to be done. I take it back downstairs and put it in the dryer for 1-2 minutes until its warm. Then I carry the basket back upstairs and fold the warm clothes, which I find to be cozy and more enjoyable. Laundry is one of those house chores I gravitate toward and find peaceful.

Dad and the boys spent the day outside. They had the fall work day today, where volunteers come and help get things put away and ready for winter. We have a new maintenance shed, so they moved most of the stuff from the old shed to the new shed. They put away the kayaks, canoes, and picnic tables. After that people cleared brush and raked leaves. When the boys came home, I had one of them run over to get some vegetable oil.

I needed oil for pumpkin muffins. They were ready by the time the big kids got home, and though I didn’t have the mudroom picked up or candles burning, the house smelled good and there was something warm on the stove. They’ve slowly been disappearing throughout the evening, which makes me happy. Dad had to go back and preach tonight in Springfield. I told him when he left that there’d be food for him when he came home.

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