The boys and I stayed home yesterday from the track meet. I’ve been starting to feel the build-up of just doing too much again, and was needing the time to step back and take it slower. I don’t really try to explain it to many others. Being understood is like praise where you can want too much.

I stayed home from my son’s double-header today. One of the other boys came down with a sore throat and fever last night. He threw up this morning, but felt better after that. He stayed here with me and rested and slept on the couch. I worked on a paper due Monday by midnight.

Yesterday evening the boys and I walked down to the beach. It was sunny, warm, and almost felt like the approach of summer. Today it’s chilly again, only ten to fifteen degrees above freezing. I’m thankful for heaters, for shelter in houses, for blankets and pillows where the soft things are.

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